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Sapori & Colori: Milano Color’s Party

The Sapori & Colori project was realised in collaboration with the Event Marketing students of Milan’s Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.


Organised in the Castle of Tolcinasco, it brought Milano Color back to university… and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart to Milano Color, for a great event!

An exclusive interview with Maurizio Poletti in the “Colour & Hobby”

Planning one’s business to prepare for the future.


Market turbulence is there for all to see.
That is why it is imperative to plan shop activities at least in the medium term, in order not to lose one’s local leadership position: take Maurizio Poletti’s word for it!


Download the full article with the interview by clicking here.

Milano Color main sponsor “On the Sails of Sustanibility”

Summer Camp 2022 | 17 – 24 July


Milano Color was the main sponsor of this sustainability – oriented project.


Learning and cultural experience of sustainability at work.

Visits to companies of excellence, the key driver of innovation and growth.

Practices of sustainability and leadership through sailing activities.

ArtColorBike 2022: where visual arts and music met

An exhibition devoted to the encounter between visual arts and music: this was the new challenge for the fourth edition of ArtColorBike, a project promoting ecology, sustainable mobility, and a conscious approach to consumption through art and colour.


ContextoExato, the Milan-based publishing and communication agency, was the driving force behind this solidarity project.
The City of Milan – Culture, the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Radio Colore (the radio station of reference for the world of colour), Rigo Srl, and Milano Color (paints, coatings, and building solutions) were some of the parties involved in it.

The focus of this year’s project was the bicycle as a means of transport symbolising a new drive for ecology and sustainability. Art and colour were combined in a conscious approach to consumption.


Indeed, the students of the Brera Academy were able to customise some bicycles with the highest precision thanks to Rigo’s spray guns.
Milano Color hosted one of the ArtColorBike days with great pleasure.


You can download the press release here.

Milano Color brought some colour to Milan’s San Paolo and San Carlo Hospital

Milano Color has always been involved in social work contributing to important community projects, particularly in the health sector.


Last summer, at the end of June, our team helped breathe new life into the Neonatology ward of the San Paolo and San Carlo hospital in Milan.


The rooms in the ward were refurbished using Herbol’ Zenith PU30 water-based paint, the satin-finish wall coating for indoor use that is free of emissions and volatile organic compound (ELF paint).

Due to its special composition, Herbol Zenith PU30 is ideal for environments with high hygienic/sanitary standards, such as hospitals, medical practices, and so on.


Two years ago, the same was done in the Paediatric ward through the “Born for the Future” project carried out in cooperation with the Milano Sud Ovest Rotary Club.


Our biggest thanks to the whole hospital staff and in particular to Dr Elisabetta and head nurse Fabiano, who actively collaborated in the development and implementation of the project.

The “Gamba De Legn” tramway commemorated in Ossona’s murals with Milano Color and Sikkens colours

Vincenzo Gornati has jovial, acute eyes showing his sensitivity combined with the poetic flair typical of artists, of those who are able to convey the value of memory through art.


This is why he conceived the idea of a mural in Ossona, a small town on the outskirts of Magenta in the province of Milan, so as not to forget – because, as Vincenzo explained, “in all my painting there is always the desire to give shape to a memory of identity, to recreate something that is no longer there in order to make it a memory”.


Ossona was one of the stations on the Milan-Castano Primo line of the “Gamba de Legn” tramway, which wound its way over 15 km taking workers and employees from the towns in the Northern hinterland to the heart of the city.

There are no longer traces of that tramway, but its history is now commemorated on a section of the station wall thanks to a Pro Loco’s redevelopment and enhancement project.


For this mural, artist Vincenzo Gornati took his inspiration from old photographs, personal memories, and anecdotes of the time: the result is a painting that is both realistic and romantic, with hints of the past that finally find their way amidst colours and geometric shapes full of inspiration and style.

Milano Color contributed to this project with great enthusiasm because we are aware that colour helps express feelings and give (or rediscover) emotions, such as those linked to a historical memory that is still very dear to the community today.

Thanks to a selection of Sikkens products, we supported the creative idea of artist Vincenzo Gornati and the entire Pro Loco in this beautiful project.
Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated!